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SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up

Course Overview:


Full day option for Vet in Schools/VPC Students OR Half day option for VCE/VM Students

Next intake commences: 29th January 2025. Applications are now open for 2025.

Places are very limited, applications will close when places are fully allocated

Classes held: Wednesdays 9.15am to 4.30pm from February to November OR Wednesdays 1.30 to 4.30pm half day VCE option (plus burst weeks)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as make-up artists to design and apply make-up for a range of purposes and occasions across the beauty, fashion, media and entertainment industries.

These individuals possess a range of well-developed technical and consultation skills where discretion and judgement is required and are responsible for their own outputs. This includes working cooperatively with a range of individuals including photographers, fashion stylists and media production staff.

Work is typically conducted as part of a team or on a freelance basis in settings such as make-up studios, retail cosmetic counters, fashion and media sets and photography studios.

You will learn practical skills to deliver a variety of make-up looks including make-up for day, evening, bridal, fashion and glamour occasions.

In 2024 we’ll be offering an additional half day program designed for VCE Students.

VET IN SCHOOLS – VPC Full day option : Students attend elly lukas 1 day per week (Wednesday’s) to complete 9 units from the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification in the 1st year with the option to continue with the 2nd year to complete the remaining 6 units in order to complete the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification.

VCE Students – Half day option – Students attend elly lukas a half day per week (Wednesday’s 1.30pm to 4.30pm plus a minimum 2 burst weeks during the holidays) to complete 9 units from the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification in the 1st year with the option to continue with the 2nd year to complete the remaining 6 units in order to complete the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification.

SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up – 1st year units*

SHBXWHS003 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

SHBBMUP009 Design and apply make-up

SHBBRES003 Research and apply beauty industry information

SHBXCCS007 Conduct financial transactions

SHBBMUP010 Design and apply make-up for photography

SHBXIND003 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment.

SHBBMUP001 Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up

SHBBFAS004 Provide lash and brow services

SIRXOSM002 Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

Credit in VCE or VPC: These units equal 320 nominal hours and can provide recognition of VCE Units  1 and 2 level 

Students who successfully complete the 1st year of study may then progress into the 2nd year of study to complete the remaining 6 units in order to achieve the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up qualification. 

SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up – 2nd year units*

SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards

SHBBMUP013 Design and apply creative make-up

SHBBMUP012 Apply airbrushed make-up

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions**

SHBBMUP014 Work collaboratively on make-up productions

SHBXCCS008 Provide salon services to clients

Credit in VCE or VPC: These units equal 265 nominal hours and can provide recognition of VCE Units  3 and 4 level

* Unit selection subject to change

** Purchase of eyelash extension kit required

Course Delivery:

Part time 2 years1 day per weekWednesday : 9.15am to 4.30pm OR for VCE Students - half day 1.30pm to 4.30pm (plus burst weeks)
Course intakesFebruaryEvery year
Part time 1 year :
1 day per week
Wednesday : 9.15am to 4.30pm OR for VCE Students – half day 1.30pm to 4.30pm (plus burst weeks)
Course Intake :
Every year

Nationally Recognised


Credit in VCE or VCAL:

Recognition of up to VCE Units 1 and 2 level in the 1st year and up to VCE Units 3 and 4 level in the 2nd year

For further information on the VET beauty programs see:

 For further information on Victorian Pathway Certificate see:


 For further information on obtaining credit for your VCE Schooling for VET programs see: https://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/curriculum/vet/vet-vce-vcal/Pages/Index.aspx

 To download the VCAA beauty program extract see:

2023 VCE VET Hair and Beauty program booklet

Enrolment in our VET / VCAL programs is restricted to students who attend Secondary Schools who have entered into a VET Purchasing Contract agreement with Elly Lukas. Secondary Schools who would like their Students to participate in our VET programs should contact the College Course Advisor for further details.

Interested Applicants (and their Parents / Guardians) should discuss the above options with their Secondary School VCE, VCAL or Pathway Coordinator.

Elly Lukas Application Process :

  • Click on the link: BOOK AN INFORMATION SESSION to make an appointment for a college tour / interview (applicant should attend with a parent / guardian). Applicants must display outstanding personal grooming and presentation.

  • During the interview / tour arrangements will be made for applicants to complete course observation.

  • Following successful observation, applicants may lodge their yellow enrolment form directly to Elly Lukas College and must advise their secondary school – VET / VCAL Pathways Coordinator of their enrolment.

For more information or to speak to a course advisor phone (03) 9923 8888 or email study@ellylukas.edu.au

The college is located in a Non-Smoking facility and strictly observes a Non-Smoking policy for all students.

VET + VCAL Makeup & Beauty

Education That Inspires

There’s nothing boring about an elly lukas education. We take your learning out of the classroom with exclusive access to the top levels of industry in incredible locations. Its our belief that incredible skills and knowledge are not enough…it’s how and where you implement those skills that makes the difference.
Our goal is to not only provide you with exceptional training, but to also empower you with the ability and confidence to fulfil whatever career outcomes you seek. It’s for these reasons that you’ll see such a variety in our Graduates success stories.


Admission requirements

Applicants must be attending secondary school in Years 11 or 12 when commencing this course.

1. Interview, College Tour and Course Observation
Phone the College on 9923 8888 to book in for a day to visit the College with a Parent/Guardian/Family Member. 

These appointments are held at 10am each day.

Please be dressed like you are going to a job interview (we suggest all black clothing, closed toe flat shoes wearing day makeup and hair up). 

After the Interview and College Tour, you will be invited to spend some time in a class to observe the classes in action.

2. Secondary School
Discuss your intention to attend elly lukas with your Secondary School VET/VCAL coordinator. They must approve your enrolment and we must have a signed agreement with your Secondary College. Please provide us with the name and email address of the relevant contact at your Secondary College.

Some Secondary Colleges may also make a contribution towards the course tuition fees.

Secondary Schools allow for a full ‘VET’ day on the Wednesday (in which their Students participate in VET programs), some do not – please discuss these matters with your Secondary School.

3. Enrolment
After the above steps have been completed, you are then welcome to lodge your yellow enrolment form together with required identification documents (Passport/Birth Certificate etc) USI number and 1st required payment. Upon receipt of all requirements a place in the course is then allocated to you.

What are the out of pocket costs?

SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up Tuition : $2950 per year Materials/equipment/make-up kit : $1000

Purchase of Eyelash Extension kit in 2nd year required.

Please note that some Secondary Colleges can make a contribution towards the course tuition fees – please check with your Schools VET/VPC Coordinator to determine your Schools policy.

What are the payment options?

The materials/equipment/makeup kit cost of $1000 is usually paid by the applicant upon enrolment.

The tuition fee is paid upon course commencement.

What career options are available?

Makeup artist
Lash Artist
Brow Technician
Retail Cosmetic sales
Salon Assistant

Further study options / pathways?

Upon successful completion of the SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-up course, students may further their skills with :

SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy

How much do I have to pay to get started?

There is no cost or obligation to participate in course observation.
Should you decide to enrol – payment of your materials, uniform & equipment cost ($1000) is paid prior to course commencement (usually on enrolment). Purchase of the Eyelash Extension kit in 2nd year required.