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SHB50121: Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Full fee – Non Government subsidised

This course information is relevant to applicants who are not eligible for a Victorian Government Skills First subsidised place.

Course Overview:

The SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy is the benchmark qualification for those wishing to enter the industry as a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and entry to postgraduate studies as a specialist Dermal Therapist or Dermal Clinician.
The unique way in which we deliver this course also offers elly lukas graduates a broad choice of career outcomes and specialisations in the following areas :

• Beauty Therapist
• Spa Therapist
• Makeup Artist
• Massage Therapist
• Brow Specialist
• Skin Specialist

Completion of the Diploma at elly lukas is a pre-requisite for postgraduate entry for the Higher Education Degree programs at the Australian Dermal Science Institute.

Associate Degree in Applied Health Science
(Dermal Therapy)
Qualification: Dermal Therapist2 year course
Bachelor of Applied Health Science
(Clinical Aesthetics)
Qualification: Dermal Clinician3 year course
Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) :
Qualification: Dermal Therapist
2 year course
Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) :
Qualification: Dermal Clinician
1 additional year after completion of the Associate Degree course
This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are competent in a broad range of beauty therapy treatments and services which includes facial massage, body massage, hair removal, spa treatments, lash and brow treatments, make-up, aromatherapy, providing advice on beauty treatments and services, selling retail skin care and cosmetic products and coordinating a work team. Work would be undertaken as skilled beauty therapists in salons, spas and the wider beauty industry. This qualification is designed to reflect the role of those who work relatively autonomously. It involves the self-directed application of knowledge and skills with substantial depth in some areas where judgement is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques. Applications involve personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations. The work reflected in this qualification may include participating in teams, and group or team coordination.

Course Delivery:

Face to face on campus classes

Full time 1 year3 days per week (plus Clinic days)9.00am to 4.30pm
Course intakesJanuary, June & DecemberEach year

Face to face on campus classes

Full time 1 year :
3 days per week (plus Clinic days)
9.00am to 4.30pm
Course intakes :
January, June & December
Each year


Vet Student Loan Approved


Nationally Recognised

VET Student Loan Approved

Internationally Recognised

Eligibility applies for Vet Student Loans.

Application Process:

  • Click on the link to receive a course guide.
  • Click on the link to book in to attend an Information Session & College tour.
  • After the Information Session and College tour, complete the pre- training review and course observation (in which you observe current classes).
  • Applicants must demonstrate academic suitability and meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Complete and lodge your enrolment form and required documents.

Meet Some Of Our Diploma Graduates


Admission requirements

You can’t just turn up and enrol at elly lukas. We open our College and our classrooms to you so that you can really experience why our College is so unique in order to make an informed decision about your career future.

We know that the College you choose can have a major impact on your career success. It’s for this reason that you’re invited to attend our Information Sessions held at the College every day [Monday to Friday] at 10am until 11.30am.

After the Information Session you will be invited to make a time to participate in course observation. This is your opportunity to come and sit in to observe our award winning education in action.

It’s a little like test driving a car before you buy!

You’ll be able to experience our exceptional facilities, understand how our training is delivered and check out some of the treatments provided in the course. Whilst you are in our classroom, we ask that you dress in all black clothing, wearing closed toe shoes, refrain from using your mobile phone at any time and conduct yourself in a respectful manner.

If you like what see and are willing to put in the hard work and effort required to become a future leader in the Beauty, Spa & Dermal Therapy industry and wish to enrol, you then move onto the next step and complete a pre-training review during your meeting with our Course Advisor.

Minimum age (Diploma of Beauty Therapy) : 17 (on day of enrolment) or completion of year 11.

What are the tuition fees & how are they paid?

SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy Non Govt.
Funded subsidized Tuition fee: $35,025 (this tuition fee is reduced to $24,900 if you are Skills First Govt. subsidised eligible) (fees subject to change)

How much can I include on the Vet Student Loan?

Eligible Students can put $18,097 onto their Vet Student Loan

I’m eligible for Vet Student Loan, what is my ‘gap’ tuition fee?

Your out-of-pocket ‘gap’ tuition fee is $16,928

OK, so I understand that the ‘gap’ tuition fee I pay is $16,928 how & when do I pay this?

You pay your out of pocket ‘gap’ tuition fee via 3 x payments of $5642.66 by the relevant census dates spread throughout the course year.

Whilst you only pay this amount personally, remember that if you have received the Vet Student Loan it gives rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid!

The Vet Student Loan is repaid to the Commonwealth out of your salary once you earn over $51,500 per year. See the Vet Student Loan page for more information.

Am I eligible for Government Funding?

Eligibility Criteria includes

To be eligible for subsidised training, you have to be:
an Australian citizen, or
an Australian permanent resident, or
a New Zealand citizen.
You are eligible for subsidised training in 2022/3 if you are under 20 years old as of 1 January 2022/3.
If you are over 20 years old, you are only eligible for subsidised training for courses leading to a higher qualification than you already have. For example, if you have a Certificate III, you can’t do a subsidised Certificate II course.
It’s important to note, however, that there are some exemptions and exclusions to the criteria, and limits to how many subsidised courses you can do. Use the below link for a full list of eligibility and exemptions.

What are the materials, uniform & equipment cost?

Uniform, makeup & brush kit, protective clothing, shoes, tool kit, text book, unit books, orientation retreat & student amenities is $1,200

Prior to enrolment, you’ll be provided with an itemized equipment & materials list and can choose to provide your own tools and equipment if you wish.

What are the payment options?

Tuition fees are paid in 3 x installments by the census dates over the course year.
You can pay with credit or debit card or via bank transfer.

Materials, uniform & equipment cost is paid prior to course commencement (usually on enrolment).

What career options are available?

Beauty Therapist
Spa Therapist
Makeup Artist
Massage Therapist
Brow Specialist
Skin Specialist

Further study options / pathways?

elly lukas Diploma of Beauty Therapy graduates have exclusive access to the Higher Education Degree courses offered at the Australian Dermal Science Institute. These Degree courses are also recognized by the peak industry body and allow admission to the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians.

As elly lukas has a separate Science Faculty, this enhanced delivery of the underpinning theoretical knowledge during your Diploma prepares you for transition into Degree studies for those who wish to specialize as Dermal Therapists or Dermal Clinicians.

Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) – 2 years
Qualification outcome : Dermal Therapist

After completing the Associate Degree, students can continue their Dermal Degree studies for an additional year to complete the Bachelor Degree.

Bachelor Degree of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) – 1 additional year after completing the Associate Degree.
Qualification outcome : Dermal Clinician

Many of our Diploma Graduates have also gone onto to complete Bachelor of Nursing Degrees at various Universities in order to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

How much do I have to pay to get started?

There is no cost or obligation to participate in course observation.

Should you decide to enrol – payment of your materials, uniform, amenities & equipment cost ($1200) is paid prior to course commencement (usually on enrolment).

Provider Registration Code : 3789 Vet Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements and that a VET Student Loan gives rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.

Conditions of enrolment : Contact us to obtain a copy of our fees, charges & refund policy. Elly Lukas College has policies and procedures relating to access and equity, student agreements, complaints, appeals and disciplinary processes, enrolment, orientation, assessment & certification, credits, skills recognition, excursions, field trips, uniform, equipment, non-smoking policy, professional presentation and grooming, Freedom of Information, Australian Privacy Principles and Electronic Transactions and attendance – which are pubilcly available from the College Administration. Students with disabilities are encouraged to visit the College to determine if the course requirements and career opportunities are suitable. Details subject to change